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Buffalo Metropolitan Federal Credit Union


Project Overview

Project Name: Buffalo Metropolitan Federal Credit Union
Project Location: 62 South Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14202
Scope of Work: Building Addition, Renovations 
Summary of Project & Results: The Buffalo Metropolitan Federal Credit Union $3,200,000 project scope involved a second-story addition, extensive interior remodels to the existing first story, and state of the art telecommunication upgrades to teller lines. This was a four-phase project with each phase being timed in accordance with the rollout of the “inside-out” construction schedule. Casilio was tasked with building a second- story addition onto an existing building while the Owner maintained day to day operations on the first floor during regular business hours. Once the addition was complete, Casilio managed the renovations to the interior of the facility that had been occupied throughout construction, which was also delicately timed so that employees could continue to operate out of that area. Casilio opted to work on interior offices during the day, since these spaces had less circulation. Renovations and upgrades to the teller area were scheduled for the evening, so as not to disturb the staff or patrons of the Credit Union. The Project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.