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P.A.T. Construction Management Corp.


Peter Casilio
President of P.A.T. Construction
Management Corp.

P.A.T. Construction Management Corp. (“P.A.T.”) offers construction management and consulting services for industrial, commercial and institutional clients as well as supporting our real estate ventures and partners.  At your disposal, P.A.T. includes leading industry executives in the construction management and real estate industries. Involving P.A.T early in the development of a project ensures that an owner has advanced, quantified information to make informed decisions. We provide clients with an unparalleled level of assurance by promoting transparency and a team approach that channels our entire staff to fulfill our client’s goals.

Value of a Dollar Saved

By working with the client from project inception, P.A.T. is able to offer a comprehensive delivery package specifically suited to our clients needs.

This includes assisting the client in selecting an optimum site, design assistance for an effective flow of work, establishing firm cost parameters and selecting the most appropriate building materials. This gives us the opportunity to provide our clients with a facility which accommodates their work in a way that amplifies productivity, minimizes cost, and improves overall communication.

Amplifying Efficiency without Sacrificing Utility

A planned approach developed by P.A.T. lends itself to clients interested in “fast-track”, phased construction.For over fifty years we have continuously tested, modified and evolved our processes to amplify efficiency without sacrificing utility.

What sets P.A.T. apart is our application of emerging technologies, along with our passion for whom we represent and how we can add value to the work that they do. We have found that passion is the bedrock of excellence because it provides the ideal conditions for growth: stability, awareness, excitement and attentiveness.

P.A.T. Construction Management Corp. provides comprehensive Construction Management services, that optimize results for our clients in the following areas:

  • Constructibility Review
  • Scheduling
  • Estimating and Cost Review
  • Contract Administration
  • Site Evaluation
  • Building Review
  • Staffing Plan