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Real Estate Brokerage

Casilio Real Estate & Development Corp. (“Casilio”), as New York State Licensed Real Estate Brokers, assists in sales, leasing, site searches, property evaluations, development cost review, property management and relocation services.

Dedicated to Community, Focused on You

Our agents are energetic, outgoing and hyper-responsive to their clients. They are community leaders who are always excited to cater to opportunity. They are passionate about the work they do, and believe that value is everywhere when you’re eager to harness it.

Every level of our organization, from sales to executive management, is regularly briefed on all current and incoming clientele so that our agents are able to consult our most senior staff members at a moment’s notice to retrieve an expert’s informed response. All of our real estate brokerage and development services are handled in-house, which gives us the flexibility to make our clients our priority without any hindrances.

Staying Ahead of the Market

With the market constantly evolving, we look to the future when assessing real estate trends. Casilio agents analyze demographic data and comparable lease and sales figures to help you make an informed decision for you and your business.  Investments that were unfailing and dependable six months ago can easily be on the verge of collapse in the present market. Casilio consolidates data from a variety of analysis platforms to perform a comprehensive assessment. Our clients demand constant contact, which is why we  constantly provide data and demonstrate results.

Real Estate Services

  • Real Estate Sales and Leasing
  • Real Estate Appraisal Opinions
  • Sales and Leasing analysis
  • Leasing analysis rates and term structure
  • Lease preparation and development
  • Determine build-to-suit feasibilities
  • Assist in numerous financing options available (construction and/or permanent)
  • Advise and assist in conducting Phase I Environmental Site Assessment including archaeological clearances
  • Assist in conducting soil borings tests and the production of geotechnical reports
  • Assist coordination of survey and legal description
  • Assist in IDA application and public hearings
  • Assist in Federal/State/local financing assistance
  • Assist with application for private utility incentive programs
  • Assist in investigating NYS/Federal Wetlands and flood plain considerations
  • Review real estate abatement/assessment issues
  • Prepare operating expense projections
  • Assist in applying for rezoning and variances, if necessary, including all hearings
  • Assist legal staff with site acquisition and closing (e.g., title report, survey, etc.)
  • Research available private and public utilities
  • Applications for licenses and permits
  • Assist in evaluation of possible site issues (e.g., soil conditions, engineering considerations, future expansion, utilities, site development costs, etc.)
  • Our legal staff and real estate development professionals can advise on financing and contract issues
  • Experience and assistance working closely with the Grant Administrator